The beginnings

It’s the beginnings that give you the thrill. You know, I never expected that you’d be the one who’d steal my heart. 
But you did, and God, did you do it so brilliantly. You came into my life so subtly and gracefully, causing my heart to beat for the first time.
And then suddenly, you set my … More The beginnings

In betweens

Why does nobody talk about the in betweens? Everyone is so in love with the beginnings and endings that no one really pays attention to what happens in between. Have you noticed the one of transition, the time in between winter and spring, when it feels like winter and yet we can still smell the fresh … More In betweens


Have you ever felt so alive that your lips start to burn and your heart aches from the heavy burden of raw happiness? That moment when you Realise you’re growing old with someone who makes you feel so young?  That moment when you see a landscape that pulls the breath straight from your throat?  When you … More Alive

The Witch

She was the child of security, raised in love and affection. All the people around had always overdosed her with love and admiration. She didn’t need a string of men and their approval to fill the gap in her confidence nor did she let her insecurities push her into the arms of yet another admirer. … More The Witch

Towns and Magic

There’s so much more to life than being miserable about someone who doesn’t deserve your love. Theres so much to fall in love with I life.  Travel to a town that is miles away from the chaos of the city.  Travel to a town where hearts of the people are bigger than the places they reside … More Towns and Magic


Tell me did you see the sun rising today? Did you walk along the shore with your loved one and then sit on the cold sand to watch the sun set? Did you cherish the moments when the sky turned a beautiful yellow-orange? Did you seize the moment and made sure that it had an … More Yellow


I’ve heard it’s apparently the one perfect color of love and it’s the one that adds romance to life. It’s the colour mindlessly splashed on cards and anything else that could possibly be used to confess ones feelings. But from where I am sitting, I see bright red oozing out of a freshly cut wrist, it … More Red